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Teaching Concept

The teaching concept builds upon the German scholar Leibniz's premise theoria cum praxi, stating that teaching, research and management practice are not mutually exclusive, but reinform each other. Towards this end, we lay emphasis upon these three pillars and their synergetic interaction.

The classes cover the spectrum of strategy, including the neighboring areas of innovation and organization theory, as well as network research. The curriculum is offered in German and English. Integral parts of our teaching are current ‘hot topics’ in business (e.g. the financial crisis or technological discontinuities in industries like automobiles), as well as our current research  (e.g. the nuclear power plant breakdown in Fukushima and its consequences for supplying DAX-30-corporations, or facing technological frontiers in the semiconductor industry). Students are sensitized for current business topics and the state of the art in research. This enables them to deal reflexively with approaches in management practice and research.

Apart from improving problem-solving and methodological skills, the following three teaching formats with a strong interactive focus also support social competencies:

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