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Collaborating with corporate partners can be useful for inspiring research and teaching, or for helping students realize what was learned in class. But it also opens up possibilities for co-operative projects with companies, and improves career prospects for graduates. Findings from empirical studies can then be assessed based on their feasibility for their use in corporate practice.

Examples of Successfully Completed Projects:

A) Cooperation projects

  • Keynote Presentation (e.g., ‘Agile Management’ at Ogema AG),
  • Organizing Symposia (e.g., on the topic of ‘Smart Cities’ in co-operation with IBM and the Fraunhofer Institute of Work Management and Organization).

B) Integration of teaching

  • Supervision of external doctoral projects (e.g., Porsche Consulting, Insiders Technologies) or Master’s theses (e.g., Audi),
  • Project excursions to Berlin with Students from the chair’s Top Students Club (e.g., ‘Start Future Forum’ at Insiders Technologies).

C) Scientific Studies

  • Execution of Benchmarking Projects (e.g., A Comparison of Networked Innovation Processes for a Globally Operated Telecommunications Provider),
  • Development of scientific studies (e.g., studies of IT tools for the Joint Research Council of the European Commission).

D) Professional Services

  • Development of the interorganizational Roadmapping-Concept for the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors and SEMATECH,
  • Development of an app about disease outbreak as part of an initiative from the Peter-Pribilla-Stiftung.


Please Note: If you are interested in working with the Chair of Strategy, Innovation, and Co-operation, please contact Professor Dr. Gordon Müller-Seitz directly.