Chair of Strategy, Innovation and Cooperation

Teaching Concept

The teaching approach used at our chair is based on the Leibnizian concept of theoria cum praxi, which sees teaching, research, and practice not as mutually exclusive, but as mutually beneficial. Therefore, current corporate issues are continuously identified and discussed within the context of recent research. As a result, students are prepared to handle both scientific questions as well as practice-oriented problems. In this way, a contemplated connection between theory and practice can be achieved.
Additionally, students cultivate critical thinking skills alongside the knowledge and competences gained in areas such as problem-solving, social skills, research methods, and professional expertise. Thus, students learn to take a competent-critical approach when dealing with a current phenomenon or problem situation, and can do so without disregarding different perspectives or their own interests. This is fundamental for preparing young researchers for future leadership roles.

Current teaching overview (valid from summer term 2022)

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