Chair of Strategy, Innovation and Cooperation

General information on theses

Theses are generally based on the research interests of the chair; as such, topics are determined in consultation with the respective supervisor. We are generally open to suggestions from students as long as the topic is relevant.

A general remark regarding the list of priorities: Try to align your topic to the respective research areas and focal points of our research team and enter these into the priority list.

Regardless of the type of final thesis (bachelor or master), the following information must be taken into account:

  • The thesis can be written theoretically/conceptually and/or on the basis of empirical data with partners from managerial practice. A combination of both forms represents the preferred option in accordance with the teaching concept.
  • Thesis can be written in German or English.

Procedure for the submission of theses

The submission of theses follows the procedure below:

Bachelor theses are distributed two times a year within the framework of the central allocation procedure of the Department of Business Studies and Economics. Further information can be found on this link. Please use this template as well.

Master theses are submitted directly to the Chair of Strategy, Innovation and Cooperation on two dates per year. For the Summer Term, please send your application to the Chair of Strategy, Innovation and Cooperation by 1 April and for the winter term by 1 October of the respective year (e-mail: sic[at] In your email, please use this template  and state your area of specialization within Business Studies and Economics.

It cannot be guaranteed that all master thesis applicants will be accepted. When allocating master theses, preference is given to candidates whose areas of specialization have also been completed at the Chair of Strategy, Innovation and Cooperation.

Literature recommendations for thesis writing

We recommend reading the following monograph by Prof. Dr. Gordon Müller-Seitz, Prof. Dr. Timo Braun and Prof. Dr. Matthias Wolfgang Stoetzer:

"Erfolgreich Abschlussarbeiten bestehen - Im Studium der BWL und VWL" (published at the Pearson Publishing House)

Furthermore, the following monograph by Jun.-Prof. Dr. Anja Danner-Schröder and Prof. Dr. Gordon Müller-Seitz is recommended for theses with a qualitative research component:

"Qualitative Methoden in der Organisations- und Managementforschung" (published at the Vahlen Publishing House)

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