Chair of Strategy, Innovation and Cooperation


to the chair of Strategy, Innovation & Cooperation

our philosophy

Our goal at the Chair of Strategy, Innovation, and Cooperation is to foster an inspiring work and learning environment which aims to answer important questions concerning our discipline, the economy, and society as a whole. For example, this is done with respect to the development of new business models to best suit digital transformation, or the management of interorganizational networks in crises. Our research aims to study practice-oriented phenomena in a way that is interdisciplinary, empirical, and scientifically sound; in doing so, we can generate new insights into both theory and practice. We strengthen this through close co-operation with internationally renowned post-secondary institutions in the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, France, and Germany. With partners in industry and the public sector, we can find new forms of co-operative and integrative collaboration between university and business.

our main research areas


This field sheds light on how organizations develop and change in order to successfully and sustainably operate in the current market. Key topics include risk and crisis management as well as organizational and technological path dependency.

Innovation and Digitalization

Organizations are increasingly being faced with the need to innovate, especially to keep up with international competition. This trend is intensified by digitalization, for example, in regard to business model innovation. Therefore, we consider both of these phenomena integratively from a theoretical and practice-oriented perspective to be vital.

Co-operation and Organization

This area of research focuses on means of co-operation that cross organizational boundaries, for example, interorganizational networking, crowd sourcing, or joint ventures. We also consider the impact on those involved in expanding interorganizational networks.

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